Looking for Bubble Experts

Hi Bubble Experts,

We are working on an App that rewards users on using the App. The App will have Profile from one of the social platform, rewards points system, Store to redeem points, social connect to increase referral.
We are using Strava to login the user. There will be various competition in the app along with leaderboard mechanism.

We are looking for the right developers to partner us in this Socially Motivated App for raising awareness across the world.

Looking forward to hear from you all.

I think you’re going to want to provide more details to entice good developers to connect with you. In my experience good developers have lots of options so what you’re offering needs to be compelling for them to spend time learning more / considering it.

Whereas, bad developers often have plenty of time so they’ll apply for everything.

Best of luck.

Hope now Things looks better :slight_smile:

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