Looking for Bubble.is developer for a SSAS webapplication that transforms csv/excel files into research reports

  1. User signup, signin, forgot password system
  2. Uploading to S3
  3. Calling azure functions
  4. Calling azure webjobs
  5. displaying webjob progress and display Toaster notification upon completion
  6. display list of jobs and progress.

Input for each job is

  1. CSV or excel file
  2. Some parameters dynamically determined from parsing CSV or excel file
  3. UserInfo who is creating this job

Jobinfo is stored in database also should trigger a webjob

webjob reads csv/excel file processes each row in parallel and in chunks and upload into bubble site’s database (JobOutput , Jobs tables)
webjob also updates the progress

Jobs table
JobId (autocreated) | UserId | FileName | Params | Created|last updated|Progress|output file.

JobId|All the columns that exist in csv or excel file…|Profit

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Do you have an discord account? I can help you on that if you want