🤌 Excel / XLSX Creator

Create a XLSX file from a JSON.

Plugin page: 🤌 Excel / XLSX Creator Plugin | Bubble
Demo: Bubble | No-code apps
Editor: excel-creator | Bubble Editor

Built on top of the shoulders of giants

If you know how to use the 1T CSV Creator, you know how to use this.


1. Setup the action

This uses the operator :formatted as text on a list in Bubble. Get started by adding the JSON to XLSX (SSA) action to your workflow.

The JSON content field simply needs valid JSON and you are good to go. However, the idea is to do a search for the data you want to export and then use the :format as text operator and create your JSON in that field as shown below.

Add a comma to the Delimiter field.

When you have a field that can contain newlines, quotes, and other special characters, It’s a good idea to use the :formatted as JSON-safe operator. When using that operator, you don’t need to wrap it with double-quotes " – the operator does that already.

Sample JSON

"Sale Date": "This Sales's Order Date",
"Sale ID":"This Sales's Order ID",
"Items":[This Sales's Items: formatted as JSON-safe],
"Region":This Sales's Region's Name: formatted as JSON-safe

If you want to export a nested list, simply add square brackets around the value as shown in the Items value in the JSON sample.

2. Saving the file

To save the file use 1T - CSV Creator’s (1T - CSV Creator Plugin | Bubble) save file.

See the demo page for more info

3. Downloading the file

Use the Download file action from AirDev’s File Downloader (File Downloader Plugin | Bubble)


This is going to be very helpful for everyone. Thank you for the plugin.

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Incredible work! I wonder if I could save step one as an Excel file to bubble’s database? Looking to turn a JSON into an Excel sheet I can display to the user using Air Document Viewer Plugin | Bubble :raised_hands:

Edit: I already made it work, sorry for the bother. Just opened your page excel-creator | Bubble Editor and copied the steps :rocket: so good

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Two more questions - no rush at all - got it working :muscle:

  1. It seems to create the file in view-only mode, is there a way to change that?

  2. Thought of doing the same for google sheets?

Thank either way, great plugin!

Hey @rico.trevisan , is there a way we could define the width of the columns on the exported sheet? Maybe we provide a list of numbers like 200,300,100 (so column 1 is 200px, column 2 is 300px, etc)

Very useful and simple plugin either way :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it possible to create multiple tabs in the XLSX file with this plugin?

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Not yet. You’re not the first one to request this and I need to do that for an app so I’ll do this soon. I’m on a bit of a pre-holidays rush and then I’ll get on it in September.


Great, looking forward to it! And enjoy your vacation :slight_smile: