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Looking for Dev who works for equity :P

At the same time I’m reaching out to see if this already exists on bubble I’m moving forward to see who’s actually interested in this. The offer is EQUITY to be the lead dev (only dev atm) on an app that i custom built for my brother 4 years ago. I’ve copied the app over and began turning it into a SaaS. Bubble has changed a lot in the last 4 years and honestly, I’ve forgotten most of how to do things on here anyways and wasn’t very good at that.

PM me if this is something you’re interested in and I’ll send over some documentation for you to review.

The plan is:

  1. to get the MVP created in the next week, I suspect with my crap skills i could get this done in two weeks if not sooner, so i’m hoping a week will be plenty of time for an expert with experience to knock it out.

  2. Get 2-5 initial users to get results for (find bugs as well/features that aren’t needed or are needed)

  3. Scale

  4. Add features with a pay per feature type plan. Instead of set price structures, this app is going to be geared towards the small contractors just starting out, with a price point of $5-$7/month, then as we add features or groups of features, start offering an add on packages.

-Exmamples: PDF downloads/Clock in and Out feature/Location tracking/messaging/photo upload/document storage - just to name some off the top of my head.

If you have a question, please ask in the topic, if you’d like to see the documentation/video pm me.

I need someone with experience to keep me from having us do something stupid. I’m not an expert, I need you to be lol.

This is not a build one time and walk away thing. The plan is to hopefully grow it big!

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I’m not interested in this opportunity, but I do feel compelled to point out, as someone with a bit of software development experience, that this logic seems flawed. Quality takes time and costs money.

It’s precisely insights gleaned from experience that can inform decisions at the outset which can save time and money down the road. The fact that you could do it in two weeks is utterly and completely irrelevant in my view. After all, you’re (presumably) hiring an “experienced” developer to do something quite different from what you would do.

The great thing about Bubble is that almost anyone can build something. Unfortunately, that’s also one of its biggest drawbacks - at least, if the aim is to use the platform for the long term and not just for the MVP.

With Bubble, as with most programming languages, there’s nearly always more than one means to the same end, but each approach has advantages and disadvantages. I personally know of folks who built something useful in Bubble but then wound up saddled with spending an inordinate amount of time maintaining and updating it once it gained some traction.

Anyway, I’m not saying you can’t find a competent developer to accomplish what you want in less time than it would take you; but I am saying that more experience and competence does not necessarily translate into less time.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I couldn’t agree more.

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Appreciate your feedback Sudsy! I have to agree with you.

Like I said I’m not an expert, but I’m also not looking for perfection on this. It’s gonna be a risk of someone’s hard work and time and I wanted to be clear that I’m not trying to risk a lot of it, just enough to get this in more customers hands.

I’ve tested it with one customer, extensively :joy: but in my lack of forward thinking i didn’t see this day coming.

Some of the stuff that I’ve seen created on here is amazing! And I’d hate to waste too much of someone’s time if it turns out i missed the mark on this.


Sooo… no money upfront?

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Nope, sorry my dude. Maybe with the next one I’ll go that route, but this is the quickest way for me to try and get this baby going.

Not sure that it’ll be the quickest route - not too many professional developers would go for this I don’t think - and I’m saying this in the kindest way :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input equibodyapp!

Time will tell, I know it’s a stretch given I’ve only got one paying customer as proof of concept. And it’s another 1 of a billion invoicing apps that’ve been built on bubble.

And truth be told I’m not sure how many devs in nocode think about actually making monthly income based off an app instead of just a one time fee for work.

But This is the quickest way to me acting on it, Because otherwise nothing will be happening on it till maybe next year.

You may think this is the quick path but in reality, you’re offering equity for a so called “simple” app where there is no actual plan in place that you have presented which would show anyone how they would make money back from it.

$5-$7 a month per user means you need a substantial amount of users to make this worth it, and how much equity are you going to give? For this level of risk and ongoing development I would want 50% to make it worth the time. You are, afterall, basically asking for a co-founder/ CTO… are you prepared to agree to that?

Failing that i honestly can’t see anyone taking you up on this offer. Best of luck though.

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@chaoscow Maybe you need to try a different approach, not getting great FB from the orbit gallery here. Can you Convince us that building the app and being the cofounder is worth spending our free time helping you get up and running. I still know nothing about the app.

Good luck!


Thanks for the luck reeceb!

Hey Jared,

Not sure if you’re actually curious or not lol. If you are just hit me up in a PM and I’ll send you a link to some google drive docs and video showing what I have currently.

Alright, Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Much appreciated!

Had an epiphany last night of a better first step. And I’m just knocking it out myself real quick, just gotta figure out the pdf conjurer plugin first.

Offering a free version MVP of the MVP to generate/confirm there’s interest and/or a need for this as well as scrape emails of those interested.

Update: PDF Downloads now, doesn’t look as clean as the original invoice but this time it downloads a pdf version! Time to get some testers.