Looking for development partner(s)

Hey all,

I’m looking for a partner or partners to work on a few projects with me. I run a creative/marketing agency so my team can handle all design work and marketing— we just come a little short on the development side. We have a current project about 90% complete in Bubble called WorkerBee and we need help with the last 10%. It is a Zeroqode template that we have been working to redesign & repurpose. Here’s a little snapshot of the homepage.

We can provide more screenshots upon request.

***Looking to work on a revenue share model. This is a 2 way deal so we’re happy to help with your ideas as well— if you specialize in Bubble but lack the design & marketing skills, we’d love to work with you.

To further incentivize, my team will cover all costs required to launch the application; hosting, domain, plugins, etc. Also the partner will have full access to my agency’s talents throughout the process for whatever projects they’re working on. We have grown a number of SaaS companies to tens of thousands in monthly revenue and are confident we could grow our own product as well.

The end goal is to create a complete network of web applications and the chosen development partner will become a c suite executive at the parent company— when the time comes.

Feel free to email me for info on current and future projects, jason@vanguard.to

I look forward to creating something with you


I would potentially be interested, I’m in Australia so if that isn’t a problem I’d like to connect

Not a problem at all Chad! Can you send me an email, jason@vanguard.to

Email sent :+1: