Looking for Freelance Bubble Dev for UI/UX & Data Viz

Hi Everyone,

My name is Amar and I am one of the founders of Rubik, an NYC-based startup. Here is blurb on what we do:

Rubik is investment analysis software for single family homes in the US. We allow real estate investors to screen the entire market in real-time in order to make the best investment decisions at scale. We use machine learning to determine property values, rents and comparable units across markets to provide investors with a real-time, customized deal-flow of single family properties. We make sure that they don’t miss any hidden opportunities and that they can maximize their investment returns.

We recently launched our alpha (www.rubikanalytics.com) and on-boarded our first customers. The front-end was built on Bubble. In terms of back-end, we have minimal database usage on Bubble and rely on an external MySQL database hosted on AWS instead. We use Bubble primarily as an interface and data visualization tool for our datasets.

Since we are starting to grow and gain momentum, we need to accelerate our tech development. Our goal in the coming weeks is to further develop our front-end, in particular to work on UI/UX. This is where we would like help from a freelancer. We want to add features that interactively visualize our data (including tables, graphs and maps), improve the user flow and provide interfaces to filter and search through property data. Knowledge of Javascript is preferred, as we would like to use the HighCharts library for data visualization.

In addition, since we are using an external database, any help with writing plugins and queries to handle database requests would be a bonus.

Ideal applicants would provide a service with fast turnaround and flexibility for rapid iteration. Must be able to communicate on a daily basis for updates and maintain responsiveness (through Slack or similar) during feature development.

If you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to contact me directly. We look forward to working with you!

Amar Sehic
CEO at Rubik

Hi @amar.sehic well done, do like to see a start-up up and going! A completely unrelated question to your request but more about the interface with your MYSQL database.

Are you pulling this data in real-time, it pretty fast for the amount of data! Also are you using bubble to post the data to the AWS database too?

Many thanks!


Nice idea. as a first step, I would recommend incorporating Responsive Design to your pages to improve readability on mobile devices.

Hello Amar,

I would be happy to help. Please mail me at: gabriel.cisin20@gmail.com and add me on skype: gabriel@cisinlabs.com to discuss more.

Looking forward to hearing you soon.

Gabriel A.

Hi Amar,

Sounds like a challenging and exciting opportunity, and something that is well within my expertise.
I would definitely be interested in this.

You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com

Best Wishes,