Looking for freelance to sync Bubble database with MySQL database

Hi all,

I have a web scraper that is adding 3,000-5,000 rows of data a day to a database in MySQL. I’d like to update my Bubble database with the new data added to MySQL, and then program the Bubble web app to send notifications to users when new data is added under a user-selected topic/thing of interest.

Is there anybody who might be able to help with this?


Hello Mr @Louis-1832
Hope my message finds you well!

SparkDev is a team of experienced developers who can update your Bubble database with new data added to MySQL.

For any additional information please contact me in PM or write me an email on alexander@sparkdev.tech

Hope to hear from you soon.
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Hi Louis,

I might have a proper solution for you to do the integration without having to code everything from scratch. I’ve done this multiple times so kindly send me a message if you’re interested.

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