Looking for hourly freelancer to help with API connectivity

Hello fellow Bubblers,

I’m looking for a couple of hours of assistance to hook up an external DB to my bubble app. Basically we have 30,000 products on our app and the prices needs to be updated on a daily basis, from our external DB. We’ve established a connection to the DB though I’m unsure what the best way is to update the products themselves and prices.

Please message me if this something you can help with.

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Hi Me too. Can I add myself using your calendly link

Hi @gregory_donnelly, I see you haven’t posted for a while, so you may not be aware of some client dissatisfaction relating to an agency that has reached out to you here. This matter has garnered quite some attention and remains unresolved. There are various threads, but here is the initial:


Can you provide us some more details about how you want to have the prices updated?

  1. Are there external factors that arrange these prices
  2. What kind of database are you using?
  3. Are you open to using Firebase, Integromat, Airtable or any other maybe needed integration?
  4. Is the entire table updated or just specific records?

Answering the questions above might get you some help faster.

Hello! Sure, use the same link: https://calendly.com/welovenocode-team

Hello, @SerPounce. This thread is far away closed (not available to write anything).
We have completely explained status in post below

So I don’t see any doubts pithing our services.
Thanks for understanding.

Thank you for the information @SerPounce. I have experience on other marketplaces with these kind of offers and so was suspicious straight away.

  1. The prices are being scraped from 5 supermarket websites (the end goal is a price comparison site for supermarkets).
  2. Currently hosted on a MongoDB
  3. Yes, so long as the subscription isn’t prohibitively expensive.
  4. We need prices updated on a daily (eventually three times a day) basis. We also need any relevant products added or removed.

Thanks for your response.

Hi Gregory,

I’m Jof, the founder of https://millionlabs.co.uk/, a no-code agency. We specialise in Bubble technology and would be happy to help with your app!

If you feel we might be a good fit, please schedule a meeting through our calendly: https://calendly.com/jof-walters/meeting

We look forward to working with you.



Hi Jof,

Thanks for getting in touch. What I’m looking for here is a couple of hours of consultancy to take me through how to properly set up the API. I’m quite an experienced bubbler but need to improve with APIs. I don’t think it’s worth scheduling a meeting and taking up so much of your time. It would be better if I could write you a description of what I require and you could give me a quote for a two hour call to talk me through how to do it.

Kind Regards,