Looking for freelancer to add to existing Bubble application

We have an existing Bubble application that we would like to add some new features to. We are looking for a freelancer who can add some new features to the site and help us with a test framework or system to make sure that existing features don’t break as new stuff is added. I estimate about 100 hours of work on our next iteration, and we will have future iterations defined if this goes well. Thanks!


Hi @bekki - will DM you!

Hello @bekki I am Gabriel and I am available. You can reach me on my website Your Bubble app

Let’s talk.

Hello @bekki ,
I’d be interested in looking into the details of your needs, feel free to contact me to give me more details,

Hi @bekki

I would like to help you with your App, I’ve sent you all the details in PM.

Hope to have a great and fruitful collaboration!
Best regards,

Alex Uniwaid team

Hi @bekki

Are you still looking for help? I sent you a DM