Seeking collaborator to maintain and develop existing app

I’m a software developer/no-coder looking for support on an existing Bubble app that I developed for a client. It’s running on the Pro plan and all elements are fully upgraded to the new responsiveness engine. I’m planning on subscribing to the Bubble Agency subscription so I can pull in another user to help me maintain the app and add more features. The number of hours is dependent on my client, but right now they are asking for something around 10 - 12 hrs/month.


  • Bubble experience, including use of the new responsiveness engine

  • Bubble demo project that is fully responsive (looks good on mobile, tablet, desktop)

  • Autonomy and design sense/creativity - can create new pages and reusable elements without needing me to create detailed wireframes

  • Attention and care to UI details


  • Familiarity with CSS/HTML/JS, as there is a bit of custom code added to the app

  • Experience working with a complex data model in Bubble, such as many-to-many relationships

Please let me know if you are interested or need more information.

Thanks, @ninatsubera . I’ll check it out.

Hi Audrey. I have sent you my proposal via DM. Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Hi @audrey2 ,

Are you still looking for help? I sent you a DM