Looking for help building an app for a long-term project

I’m looking for an experienced bubble developer to help me develop an app, If it’s possible I prefer using an existing template and modifying it.
My app is designated to help many individuals in a community be part of a planning process of urban renewal.
This is only one layer of the intendant end-app, so I would like to find somebody for continuous long working relationship, who has the time and experience to work with me

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Hi Yosef,

Do check out some of our templates if you’re planning to build upon a template.

Hey there :wave:

Are you looking for someone to guide you through your project and teach you via video conferencing?

If that is what you are looking for then I can help. You can schedule a tutoring session at www.NoCodeMinute.com to find a time that fits your schedule.

I would help you invest in yourself by teaching you how to build it. Most of my students learn in a few hours what would normally take them weeks or months to ask on the forum.

A lot of my long term clients schedule me once or twice a week to work on their project. I can do the same with you, or more if need be. :man_technologist:t2:

I can also guide you through any template on how to modify it to fit your needs.

If you are looking for specific one-one-one help on your project like that, then I hope to see you soon!

Hope that helps! :blush:

Dear Mr @yosef.abraham, hello.
Hope you’re doing well!

SparkDev is a delevoping team who can help you with your app in the fastest and easiest way you think.

For any additional information please feel free to contact me in PM.

Hope to hear from you soon.
With respect,

Account Manager from SperkDev.