Need a bubble developer / mentor / guide :)

I need a bubble developer (not an agency) to help me through the process of creating a web application in 20 days time. It is a Multi Tennant application with 4 user roles and about 5 complicated workflows and reports.

I need someone to spend at least one hour on video conference with me everyday and guide me to do stuff myself. I’ll get things ready and we can review them the next day and move on to other tasks. Need an expert not a designer. Wireframes are ready and some screens are developed on bubble.

Lets talk more…

Hey. I would love to help out. Check out my site. :blush: You can schedule me out everyday I’m available, if you would like! No problem. :+1:

I strictly teach/mentor/guide people, seems that we would be a good fit.

A lot of my clients schedule me a couple times a week. I’m used to working on projects with my clients like this. :blush:

You can also email me at to discuss further. :man_technologist:t2:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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