Looking for help finishing a seemingly IMPOSSIBLE drag and drop feature

Hi there, we have about 80% of our app complete but need some help taking it over the finish line as well as ongoing maintenance.

My primary focus is a drag and drop feature that allows users to reorder rows. These are nested at 3 layers. Parent, Child, Grand Child and they all need to be sortable. We have it mostly working but it seems to break the page at certain times.

Here is a video explaining the exact issue: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

It almost looks like the plugin is working correctly but on occasion it just kills the page. because when the page reloads, everything was moved to the right location.

We also have a handful of other tasks as well but this is top priority for now. If you think you can help, please DM me and if you have a specific price estimate that would be helpful. Though happy to answer questions if needed.

I can’t help with your drag and drop issue but just wondering if you are using a plugin for the drag and drop feature?

Looks great!

Good question. Yes we have tried two plugins 1. Draggable Elements 2. Sortable RG drag and drop

Thanks! So you are using a combo of both get achieve the features you have so far?

No we tried both separately. The version you are seeing I believe is Sortable RG Drag and Drop

Thanks :slight_smile:

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