Looking for opportunities

Anyone looking for a reliable developer, launched over 8 MVPs, and vast experience in plugin development? Please hit me up. My rates are 2000$ a month. Hit me up if interested. I can share my previous portfolio as well.

I need to do a prototype model of educational app.
No need of graphics at the moment.
User answers questions like in kahoot and gets experience points for correct answers which let him promote to next level and compete against other users.
At the moment I need a logical model with simple buttons and fields, so I can add content for future testing of this model.

If this is doable, let me know please and I can send more technical data.


Hi @boriss

We can help you with the education app prototype. Kindly refer to the below link for our app UI work:

Let’s DM me here for the details discussion further.

Thanks! I’ll examine the link and will be back soon.


Sure, take your time. Hope we will meet soon on Google Meet [jigar@dinjaninfotech.com] or $|<y|)e [live:.cid.5f7dc058f666db6b]

@boriss I have sent you a DM with my portfolio. Please check and let me know.

Hello, are you available to discuss this in more detail? I have some questions based on the details you have shared.

@boriss I sent you estimate message through bubble message. Did you get that?

@boriss could you please at least acknowledge that you have received my estimate email?