Looking For Postman Example GET Call (With Contraints)

I’m trying to sort out how to configure a GET call with CONSTRAINTS connected to Bubble.

I’m not to well versed in postman (or api’s in general) so trying to understand how to setup constraints properly so that they work with bubble.

I pass the param ‘constraints’ but i’m not sure how to setup the rest (keys, values, etc.) inside of Postman and keep getting an INVALID DATA error.

Hi @JustinC

Bubble does not support GET. I use Integromat to convert any GET request to POST as explained here

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But I see ‘GET’ in the API reference on Bubble though?

It doesn’t work?

I know the demand is high, have they unveiled this new addition?

Okay… I’ll disregard!

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“Get” api calls are supported but only for Data Types and NOT for api workflows “wf”. There is a limit of 100 records per api call.

You will need a Admin api key for authentication.

I am away from my computer right now, I’ll send you a example constraint object which needs to be the value of your “constraint” parameter when making the api call.

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