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Looking for similar values?

I want to create a table where every user is matched with other users based on values in their user table.

Example: User X has category preference. They are stored in a “category” column, which is a list.
Once a day, I want (automatically) to search through every user in the database (there are not a lot of them), and when another user (let’s say user Y) has one or more similar categories, they count as a "match.

The table should show user ID 1, User ID 2, matched categories (as a list)

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You want to look at creating a list with a search, and then running a further workflow on the list.

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how do begin doing this?

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Why don’t you create categories table, and have list of users added for each. This is assuming number of user is low.

name – text
users – list of users

I should ask how are you planning to retrieve or use the data, because the way you can handle this situation varies.

Thanks, @nfisher !

So far I have the users and the chosen category in the same table. I’m a beginner so it was simple to build. I actually don’t know how to retrieve these values in the backend, and certainly not how to create a new table with them or match.

OK, It sounded like you were a little further on than this already. You want to create a Categories Data type which will be stored on the user as a list of Categories. You could also use a data set if the categories do not need to be user generated, up to you.

@nfisher Yes! I have those already.

Now is the part where I want to take two users and compare them … does it make sense?