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Creating matches tinder

I’m trying to create a Tinder for X but I don’t quite understand how to tell the user if they matched with someone else

What have you built so far?

we need more info, but off the top of my head:
in your users thing you can make a field called matches and make it a list. When people match they are both added to each others list.

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One way to implement it is:
Create in user thing a list of selected users (likes)
Every time the user enters the app:
Perform a search in a repeating group: Search for users that their “likes” list contains current user
Make the intersection between the list on the repeating group and the “likes” list of current user
Save the resulting list in the “matches” list for this user…and that’s it.

Hope it helps!

When a user likes another user the you perform the search: Do a search for users / constraints: “likes” list contains current user, and user is the user liked.
If the search is positive then you create a match in both lists, for current user and the liked user