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Looking for someone who is willing to help me

Hey everybody!
I think I need your help. So after a bit study I realized that Bubble is perfectly capable to create the application Im dreaming about. First I wanted it to be a web page so I started to work with wordpress because I am not a coder myself but Bubble would even more fit my idea. So my struggle is that even if I learn to work with bubble and build the app it would take me for ever. Its a complex application but I think with a few people could build it in few days. Iam working on this project for 4th year and I think bubble is the way I should move to find the solution. So my question is: How can I find someone who is willing to help me with my app and how can I be sure that the idea is not going to be stolen? Thank you for your answer!

In this situation it’s usual for you to have someone helping you sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).


Interview freelancer, but make sure you have sign with him an NDA ( None Disclosure Agreement) before showing him your app or giving him some materials.


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