Looking for someone who uses Stripe Express in a live setting who can answer a question regarding payout timing

I am currently testing Stripe Connect on my marketplace app, and have the test users set up with Express Accounts. Account and payments are working perfectly, but all of the funds are being held in the connected accounts under “pending”. I have read on the Stripe Connect docs that the initial payment will take 7 days to appear in a connected account, but I have already done that with a settled payment that went through about 14 days ago. This second payment is still taking longer than a day (even though I have daily payouts for connected accounts set in my Stripe settings).

My Questions:
(1) Do I need to initialize a live transaction in order to prevent the 7-day waiting period for payouts on a connected account?
(2) Does each newly created connected account need to wait 7 days for the transfer following their first live transaction?


Just came across this in the Stripe docs right after posting which might be why my test accounts are still needing to wait for the payouts

Can someone who uses Stripe Express in a live setting please confirm that new Express accounts do not need to wait 7 days for their payouts once the platform collects a live transaction??

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