Looking for someone with an online training / eLearning app

Hi everyone,

I’m currently rolling out the first version of my online training app to training centres in France:

I’m conscious that as I’m alone in developing and running this app, and if something happens to me the service I’m providing will go under. I’m looking for anyone else who’s running a similar app who’s also a sole founder and who’d like me to be their backup developer in return for me being their backup editor. You could call it being each other’s Godfather / Godmother!

If that interests you please get in touch so we can chat more about what that’d entail.

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Hi Richard,

I would be more then happy to help you .

PM sent please check.


Could I ask the guys from CIS to please stop sending me messages, I’m not looking for paid developers, I’m looking for someone who’s already made an app similar to my own.