Looking for suggestions on UI

I need users to select their top 3 options, in order, from and option list (15 options total).

For the purposes of this, pretend it’s 15 vegetables and they’re ranking their top 3. Thinking of the best way to implement this that doesn’t take up too much vertical space.

Sportsbooks have a semi-nice nice design where you would pick trifectas, but it feels a bit long and clubky

Some form of multi select drop-down could be nice, but raises issues of how do they indicate order?

3 side by side drop downs might be ok as well, but then there’s 3 additional clicks, and the issue of having to update the lists on each selection so that the user can’t select the same item in all lists…

But I’m thinking the best option might be some form of drag and drop functionality, where the user can drag cards (each vegetable on them) into an area and have them in the right order…

Wondering if anyone has done anything similar, has any ideas, etc

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there, @thethinklab.au… if I was doing what you described, I would almost certainly go with the dropdowns because 1) despite a few extra clicks, I think it would be very intuitive when it comes to order (keeping the lists updated would be easy, by the way), and 2) it will take up a lot less screen real estate (which you mentioned as a concern), especially when compared to any implementation (like drag and drop) where you have to show all 15 options.

Anyway, just one person’s opinion, and I hope it helps.


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