Looking to automatically assign a number to a database record

I have a very simple form… it collects email address, some details in a text field, and a date/time field… I would like to be able to automatically assign 5 digit sequential number (one more than the previous submission) in a field that I created in the relevant table called opp_number. So it would add 1001, then 1002 to the next one, and so on.



First record you assign manually by create a thing to let say 1000 for next record onwards you can search for last record +1 and it will take care of rest of record in incremental order.

I created a field called oppnumber in the table under Data Types, but that field is not showing under the App Data field for me to be able to create a first record with a value of 1000 in the oppnumber field. Any idea on why it would not be showing there?

I tried, in the submit workflow, to manually add 1000 to the oppnumber field. It still doesn’t show up in the app data tab. The idea was to get the first record listed and then change the workflow to look up the previous and add to it. Maybe that would work, but I need to be able to see the oppnumber somewhere.

Update, I found where I can choose to show additional fields.

Thank you for your initial help, Dalip! I was able to simply assign a random string, which works fine.