Looking to Connect at BubbleCon

Hi All,

I have been building on bubble since 2017 and continuing to manage my app on my own has just gotten to be too much time for me. I am going to BubbleCon and hoping to connect with people who may be interested in working with me on a relatively (if not totally) full-time basis.

I would love to connect and share about our app with you. Please reach out if you want to connect next week at BubbleCon.

Have a great weekend all!

Brian Hage


If you’d consider hiring an agency I’ll be there :star_struck:
Anyway I’m always glad to meet other Bubblers tbh :fist:

@bestbubbledev - Youtube | LinkedIn | Twitter
| Best Nocode Studio

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@richardsonjj36 is your guy!!

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here s a whatsapp group for people that will attend IRL only so we can hangout in NYC together!

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