Looking to hire a bubble dev to finish our NFT platform

Hey bubblers. Would it be possible to auto detect the NFT image from a users wallet data?

If you know how or knows how to build NFT platforms in bubble. Please message me or comment as our team would like to hire you! Let’s talk :slight_smile:

Hey @ervinn.tangco ,
How are you connecting the NFT wallet to you bubble app? If you’re pulling it in using an API then yeah you’d be able to figure out the web address of the NFT easily.


Hello @ervinn.tangco

I’ve been working for some similar projects earlier. I can help you.
Just write to me more details and we will move forward!

I am looking for someone to help me with setting up reminders on my Bubble Application using Backend Workflow. Can anyone please help


Yes it is possible! I have reently worked with a Web3 asset management company to develop a similar functionality for their clients on bubble and would be happy to build it for you. I can build full fledged NFT platforms on bubble.

I’d love to show you my previous projects on bubble, my clients love me for my super modern designs and clicky fast app speeds thanks to my optimization skills!

Let’s get on a call, please use the this link to schedule a meeting -

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!

Hello @softwaremechanics10 I can help, please write me in PM



I specialize in building web3 apps in Bubble. I recently made a plugin that allows users to build dapps quickly in Bubble. If you need help building I offer development services at www.jackmorgan.xyz.

Here is a recent project I have built around NFTs in Bubble.

let me know if you want to discuss this any further, your question about the NFT image is yes. We can scan a user’s wallet a return all the NFTs they own, once this is completed we can fetch the metadata associated with those NFTs.