Web3 development services

I am offering my freelance services to anyone who wants to create or extend an existing Bubble app with web3 features such as cryptocurrency payments, minting/selling NFTs or tokens, integrating crypto wallets, building exchanges or marketplaces, etc.

I have launched a platform that is designed to bring functional and social use cases to NFT’s. In this app you can create/mint a series of NFTs along with a gated chatroom that can only be accessed by the holders of those minted NFTs.

Through the build process of this app, I have learnt how to integrate web3 functionality into Bubble using plugins and smart contracts. I am eager to help other Bubblers out integrate these features as they allow for new exciting monetization methods for founders.

For any questions or requests please reach out to me via DM or email at jackpmorgan95@gmail.com.

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