Looking to hire Sr. Bubble developer

Job Description

We are looking for an important technology leader as our first Sr. Bubble.io developer. This is a high-growth opportunity to join a startup team in the early growth phase. You will play a critical role in helping develop a complete digital product and technology-driven team.

As an early team member, you will be able to make a significant impact on our technical strategies, approach, and methodologies. This is the perfect opportunity for an entrepreneurial-minded engineer who is looking to make a direct impact on the future success of our business.


  • You will coordinate and lead across the software development lifecycle, from planning and architecture to development, testing, deployment, and beyond.
  • Set up database and privacy rules
  • Build and maintain the backend logic for our web application and mobile application (data sources, workflows, integrations)
  • Build and maintain internal dashboards for company use
  • Integrate new external APIs into our core product
  • Contribute to decisions about application architecture and refactoring to balance technical debt against delivering functionality
  • Test & resolve feedback from the Product team
  • Collaborate with members of other internal teams (UI/UX, Customer success, OPS., etc. )
  • Evaluate the performance and feasibility of new features
  • Discuss product vision & needs with the leadership team
  • Create scope requirements, wireframes, quotes & timeline
  • Manage project build & launch
  • Extend Bubble.io’s back-end capacity by implementing Plugins, API connections
  • Extend Bubble.io’s front-end capacity with custom HTML, CSS, Javascript


  • Bubble.io mastery (logic expert, design experience)
  • Analytical prowess (breaking problems apart)
  • Clear written and verbal communication (English)
  • Structured analytical thinking, product expertise

Hi Valeria,

Just sent you a pm


Hey Valeria,

I hope you are doing well.

I am totally interested in this role and allow me to mention that my present role is also almost similar to this role. So, that would be a add on for me. :slight_smile:

Please let me how how can we connect or feel free to drop a mail @ pavanlalith738@gmail.com so that we can proceed further accordingly.

Best Regards,


Thanks for reaching out regarding the Sr. Developer position!
Let’s schedule a call where we can learn a little more about your background and explain more about the company. Please share your resume and some websites you have worked on so I can review them before the call.

Feel free to sign up for a timeslot from the link below. Let me know if none of these times work for you, and we can schedule something else. In the meantime, I’m sharing our brand info pack. This is more of a marketing tool for our prospective customers but is useful to introduce you to our platform.

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