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Lorem Ipsum shows up, not sure why

I am getting this Lorem Ipsum message and 'm not sure why:

I read in other topics that it has to do with the right user info not being sended or whatnot, but if I’m looking at the way I organized it it appears to all work just fine: I use a type in a type function to refer to the name of the damagerequest, for which the offer is made:

Damage Request -> receives various Offers
Trying to find the Name of the person which made the Damage Request, for current cell’s offer:

Am I doing something wrong? First time I can remember that I am encountering this issue.


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Do you get this through the preview? Is the page expecting a Data type?
If that is the case it’s normal. I believe the preview action is sending dummy data so the page can render without problems.

Yeah it happens in the preview. I’m not sending any data to the page, neither does the page have a certain type. Does this mean normally I won’t have ap roblem with this, but just in the preview? THanks in advance!

Check your URL and see if it is appending the following:


If you remove it from the URL and reload it should not show the Lorem Ipsum.


that’s all that it says, no sample:custom.type unfortunately

I can’t see Lorem Ipsum when I open

That’s strange because I still do. Do you see some information there or is it completely blank?

I see blank

So how is this different from the instances in which I myself just see an empty RG instead of this Lores Ipsulum notification? And more important, how would I be able to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!

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