Reuseable Element shows Lorem ipsum

I made a Reusable element as the Bubble Recipe video instructed, (using “Current Page…” on the new page reusable card), and it works perfectly for the index page preview, but when I drug it into any new page, I got, “Lorem ipsum…” on the preview instead of the data…

I spent hours trying to figure this one out. The only fix I could find was instead of using , “parent group’s…” on the reusable element, I used, “Search for each item’s…” in the Text box. This allowed the data to be pulled into the reusable element and displayed in the preview for other than index pages.

If “parent group’s…” works like the Bubble video shows, and my index page previewed perfectly, what happened that I kept getting Lorem ipsum… from other page previews? AND, is there a better fix than using “Search for each item’s…”.


After I added more entries to my database, I realized the previews offered all the entries, instead the “one” I wanted. Now, I’m really in need of a solution. Thanks, Jo

It sounds as though the parent group simply doesn’t have any data…

I’m sure it had data, the reusable element works on the index page, and I spend hours making sure the new pages had a the right Type (data). I even rebuilt an entire different version and the exact same thing happened. Has anyone encountered this problem before?

It’s going to be a bit hard for anyone here in the forum to help you with such little information…

Maybe share some screenshots, preview links, or editor links, if you want some more specific help on this…

Hello @vritrans
I encountered the same situation once but @adamhholmes helped me
My page “type of content was expecting product data” but it was empty
so it displays “Lorem ipsum” thing
something like this
Screenshot 2022-08-30 at 16.20.09

Screenshot 2022-08-30 at 16.24.28

I think maybe I figured it out. I triple checked entering the data types a thousand times. That wasn’t the problem. I found out that the new pages showed my data when I entered preview from the index page and click on the element that took me to the new page.

I guess previewing the new page directly from the Editor (in this case) was, shall I say, “unnatural”. I don’t know. All I know is when I preview the index page and click over to the new page it shows my data in the reusable element from the “Parent group’s…”, whereas when I previewed the new page directly from the Editor, I could not get data. Thanks for your helps. Jo

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