Lottie animate on scroll, need help finishing plugin

Hey plugin builders,

Does someone (who knows a little bit more about JS/Bubble plugins) want to help finish a plugin?

I’ve been trying to make a plugin to animate Lottie animations on scroll using page scroll positions and/or by detecting the visibility of an element. Here is the type of functionality I’d like to make friendly for Bubblers: Lottie Player - Interactivity Guide

I wanted to use this myself just for fun, but was thinking to make the plugin “karmaware” or “buy-us-a-coffee” type thing for others to use.

There’s lots of open-source Lottie stuff available already that works with most other no-code platforms. But, because adding these with interactions within HTML native elements throw errors in Bubble I was thinking other people would like to use this too.

Leave a comment or send a DM if you want to work on it together!


The story so far…

I’ve actually gotten further than I thought possible given my questionable coding abilities (hence Bubble). Here’s what my plugin can do so far:

  • Animation-on-scroll OR users to select their Lottie animation (but not both at the same time, this is the blocker)
  • Uses Bubble’s current-page-scroll to start the animation. Users can add offsets.
  • Users can add a multiplier on how quickly the animation moves.
  • Users can add their last frame which freezes the animation there so it doesn’t disappear (there might be better ways to do this programmatically).

After spending the last few days reading everything I can on the topic, it seems like there could be lots of other functions we could consider adding if we wanted to.