Need Help with the Button

Hello im working on a CAD/MDT for a roleplay community im trying to make the button tool change color and stay on that color, till i click on it again to change back to the original color
i’ve been looking but not sure if its possible, plz help thx.

Not sure this is the optimal approach, but it works:

It is basically setting a custom state for each color, plus the active color (all in hex codes including the hash.) That value is placed on the properties of the button color.


im new to all of this, so i actually need a step by step because it was telling to make all these things
and could not understand it.

Understood, it takes a little time to get started. The sample is using a workflow and custom states, along with a dynamic color setting. If all that is foreign to you (it was to me too for a while,) then my advice is to carefully go through all the lessons and videos found here: and find the specific topics in the manual. For example, custom states can be found here:


You could set up a field in the user database which clears when the page is refreshed (or other times you need it). You could set the field to either yes/no for 2 colours, or more word/number options if you need more colours. Then when you press the button, you set a workflow to change that field in the User, and back again when it is pressed again. In the buttons conditions, you set the colour based on that field’s value.

If the page/group is current user, you may be able to use autobinding, but I’ve never tried it from a button click.

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