Magic link - message if account not present

is there a way using a magic link to let the user know if they are trying to login with the wrong email? (without resorting to ‘do a search for’)

Users are sometimes waiting for something that never comes because of an email typo when logging in.

Was hoping the workflow would generate a message such as “INVALID_LOGIN_CREDENTIALS” so I could show a message… but alas, nope.

Anyone know of a workaround or what i may be doing wrong… ?

If you give them a response in that way, it actually would be a security concern because people can try different emails until they find one that is valid. I have seen different apps give a response that says, if you have an account associated with this email then you will get an email with a link… etc. :man_shrugging: Not sure if that would help though.

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Thanks, that is pretty much what I am doing plus I used ‘watch input’ to output what they are typing so they would have more of a visual again of the email…

However, i may have to scrap magic links anyways as they don’t seem to be getting through my clients ‘email security’ and cant login this way - Outlook security or something.

Just reworked a ton of stuff to find out it wasnt my issue… grr

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Awe man. That stinks. Hate when that happens. Maybe try to revert to a previous date/time before you made the changes if you can.

its all good, i actually made one part better whilst I was figuring it out…

Problem is because ‘something’ appears to be following the magic links and invalidating them, it will undoubtably be the same for password recovery links…

So I guess I will have to set a random ‘pin’ on the account that expires using some logic after a set period to get around it so they can login and reset the password (by first me setting a new random password and using that to allow them to reset ) :man_shrugging: seems like madness for something that is actually working

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I think I have seen something like that before on the forum. Either something in outlook or a preview of the link makes it invalid because it was already used. I can’t remember how this was resolved though.

I did have a dig around and found a few recent issue with people an Magic links being invalid but I don’t think they knew the reason. I posted that it could be Microsoft security related… due to my issues.

It appears the password reset has a 24 hour grace window and following the link doesn’t invalidate the token, so that is good at least for this situation - but I didn’t want passwords

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I belive i worked out a solution