Magic link not fully working

Is anyone having trouble with the magic link? It seems to be sending some emails but not all. I have tested it with 4 separate emails so far and it consistently works with one of the four but not with any of the other ones.
I have set it up in a test page in the simplest way so nothing to do with any conditionals or anything:

I’ve checked spam and any other folders it could be but nothing.

Are you sending to Microsoft account providers? Outlook etc? I have a weird issue, may not be related but the links don’t work via Microsoft Outlook

Thanks Stuart.

I was being dumb and forgot to close the thread. It’s the magic login link. Not the magic signup link. The emails that weren’t working were the ones that didn’t have an account yet. The only one that work was the one that did. Duh.

I’m sure that has nothing to do with your issue and not sure what might be causing that for you. Sorry.

all good, i fixed it anyways… and you may come across it using Magic links… so i posted a new thread just in case: Magic Links and issues with tokens expiring, security issues

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