Magic login & sign up ✨


For most of the apps I made I used ‘magic login’ :sparkles: So my visitors don’t have to remember their password and can login or signup with just their email.

I decided to create a template so you could use this feature for your apps as well :slight_smile:

You can test it here:


Awesome! Is the magic link a one-time use link?

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, will be deleted after it’s used!

@eddy thanks for the magic — I see it is a template and not a plugin. I am mlooking to integrate your logic into an existing app. Any quick tips on what to consider? best wishes

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@eddy I might find the answer as I am coping your workflow — do you also have a provision for time constraints?

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Yea you could copy the workflows and it should work. There are currently no time constraints but you could add a workflow in the backend workflows that deletes the magic login after x hours. Let me know if that’s clear :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually will push an update for this to add the time constraints :slight_smile:


Update should be live now :slight_smile:

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