Mailchimp Extended - Add or Remove Tags Help

I’m using the Mailchimp Extended Plugin and am having trouble adding a tag to a contact. I’ve included screenshots below. The first part where I add a subscriber works great, but the tag is never added. I must be doing something wrong but can’t figure it out.

@romanmg any ideas here?

following up on this @romanmg. Would love some support on this since I dont see a way to submit a ticket

Hello @manuelmaccou ! Any luck with this? Im new integrating mailchimp with bubble, so I dont quiet get the idea of hash and how to add tags.
Thanks in advance

No luck unfortunately. I went to postmark

You have a comma that should not be there. May not be the whole solution, but I was blocked by it on my side and it worked fine after that. Hope it helps a bit

“tags”: [{
“name”: “Test”,
“status”: “inactive”
} //HERE
“is_syncing”: false

Hey folks - struggling with the same thing here. Has anyone managed to solve this issue?