Looking for someone with some Mailchimp plugin experience

Hey Everyone.

I could use a little assistance.

Im building a marketplace using Bubble.io.

That inherently requires a minimum of two user types and Id like them to be added to my Mailchimp list with the appropriate tag so that they get the appropriate emails sent to them.

[HERE]is the documentation.

Thank you for any help you can provide, perhaps I can offer you one of my recipes in return for successful assistance?

Commis Chef Chris

Are you familiar with the API connector at all?

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Im vaguely familiar in that Ive used it before but I wouldn’t really say I know what Im doing

Was just asking to know how to reply :slight_smile:

Have a look at the bubble Mailchimp plugin and perhaps the mailchimp extended plugin if you aren’t familiar with setting up API’s :slight_smile:

I have both plugins already however looking at the document for the extended plugin I cant read it well enough to know what to do…

What bits are you struggling with in particular? Post some screenshots on what you need help with

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I have the tags in my Mailchimp account already.
When people signup I want them to get automatically tagged so that they will start receiving the appropriate welcome series.

No - screenshots of your bubble editor set up :slight_smile:

Which workflows/actions are you having trouble setting up properly on the bubble side

You’ve got to set those values to be your own.

So enter YOUR data centre, list ID and subscriber hash (this will be the user’s email formatted as MD5) and then enter the tag you want based on whatever dynamic data you have like user role or whatever.

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first off, thank you very much for your assistance, I appreciate it.
Is there a way you’re aware of that I can dynamically fill the Hash in that way, I don’t even know how to make an MD5

Yes - use the operator :formatted as and then choose MD5 :slight_smile:

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So I found an MD5 generator.
My thought is to get the generator.
My guess is that when they signup I can have the generator…generate then create a thing I imagine. perhaps MD5 under the user profile property so in theory it only has to be done once.
then in the add tag I can refer to current user Thing…MD5.

what do you think

oh, that seems much more efficient.

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Youve been amazing, thank you.

So in my workflow it creates a user then does the other things.

Do you think I should use the signup page email value or should I use current users email

I would probably make a separate API workflow with just the tag step in it as you don’t want it to try to create a tag at the same time as subscribing a member, it might not find a member and then the step will fail.

Unless you can choose ‘as a result of step 2’ for either your list ID or subscriber hash, then it will force the workflow to happen AFTER the second step not at the same time.

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Have you heard whether or not the program reads left to right? I thought I read it at some point but if I were wrong it wouldnt be the grandest surprise.

At any rate, I tried my idea before reading this and here is a screenshot of the error I recieved.

Looks like a lot of inefficient writing based on my limited amount of programming knowledge
tag add failure 2
tag add failure 1

workflows are fired asynchronously which means all at once - unless you schedule or trigger a workflow or use the ‘as a result of step X’ to force it to fire after that step.

You’d have to screenshot your actual workflow set up.

You can use www.jsonlint.com to validate any JSON…but make sure you don’t have a comma on the last line as a comma tells it to ‘repeat’…so if you are only wanting one tag per use you should not be using a comma in the JSON at all.

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Geeze, I vaguely followed and you all the way lost me at JSON. Im aware of it but I dont know anything about it other than how its