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[FIXED] Conditional Workflow Confusion

Hello - I have a number of workflows on one particular text element. Essentially my theoretical thinking is that when I click the text it will run through the workflows until it finds the one that matches the conditions, complete the actions set under the workflow and stop searching for any more.

What I’ve found instead is that it seems to “complete” the list of workflows. My use case is:

  1. I click the text
  2. It finds the workflow condition that says “When element is visible do…”
  3. It completes this action
  4. It then completes the list of possible workflows, because I’ve now completed my action this means that another condition is complete so it completes this workflow too.

In this attached image the crossed-out workflows do not occur in this use case (as expected), the workflow labelled “1” is the workflow I want to complete (works as expected) however after this, workflow “2” is now completed because the conditional option has been met.

Some help/advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’m not sure I grasped what you’re trying to accomplish here.

However if you want to hide/show elements on button click or execute specific workflows there’re simpler ways to do that.

Can you share what you want your user to accomplish? (A user story) I think I can help.

Hi. I have attached a video below, using debugger mode you can see that when I choose “Back” bubble searches through a list of workflows that are on that element “Back”. My problem is, after the first successful conditional being created (18 seconds in) bubble continues to run through the amount of workflows on the element - this is displayed in the video.

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