Major performance issue with Bubble?

Hi, I am wondering if anything is experiencing some major performance issue with Bubble.

I need to bulk create a big list of records into Bubble (~450+ records) so we’ve developed an API that will trigger an API call to a Google Sheet to extract the data and create the record.

Mindful of the performance issue, I only upload 5 records at a time, and even that caused problems. The app often timed out and even with 5 records at a time, not all record are created. I’ve taken a video screen shot of what I’m talking about: 2023-04-24_10-45-16

I’m on the Professional plan and I really don’t expect Bubble to have such problem processing just 5 records.

Anyone experiencing this?

Hey @simon.wong :wave:

It’s hard to tell since the video doesn’t show your workflow. There could be many reasons for this to be happening.

One thing I noticed though. Sometimes the bubble database view just loads slow. Have you tried displaying the data on your page to see if it loads faster?

Let me know. Hope that helps. :blush:

Are you using the Bulk Create endpoint of the Data API?