Make a Search Box search not "accent sensitive", building an app in Spanish


Anybody have any ideas on how to make a Search Box search not “accent sensitive”? Let me explain, I am building an app in Spanish (in Spanish, the vocal letters are sometimes written with accent and other times without accent).

Right now, if the user does not type the perfect accents in the search box, they will not find what they are looking for. This is a problem because many people really do not type the accents, but sometimes they do. A dropdown is not the best idea here because they are a lot of options to be displayed.

The letters with their accents are:

If we could just tell the code something like “u”= “u” and “ú”, as well… for all the vocals it would be great!

I attached some images to show you an example of the problem. You will see that the entry with the little red underline is not founded in the other image because the “o” is typed without accent.

I would appreciate any help!



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I can invite you to use my Selectize Dropdown instead. This can handle this type of search.


Hey @Jici, thanks for the response.

I just purchased your plugin but I have not found how can I do what I explained on this forum post.

Would you mind explaining to me how to do it please?



When you use searcbox, this basically search one field on a specific app.
For the dropdown, you need to Set Dynamic data type and data source to search.
So set your DB to the type you want to search and set Data source using a Do a Search .
Set the display field you want (this is also searchable) You can use more field to search if you want, just set them in search 2,3,4 and set Unique ID field for the Unique ID parameters.

This should work. If you have any issue, please PM me


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