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I have the following name saved in my databasbe: “Juan Ortiz”

Users in my app can save new names by typing them into an input element.

If a user types “Juan Ortíz” (note the accent in the “í” letter) then an undesired duplicate will be saved in my database.

How can I prevent this from occurring?


May be you have the list of accent letters you wish to avoid? And how is it can be identified as accent?

In case you are seriously wish to realize such serious job - regex is for you;) - with list of all the symbols you want to avoid you will be able to check if such duplicate can exist

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t want to avoid any accents or symbols. I want my users to be able to save “Juan Ortíz” only if there is no “Juan Ortíz” or “Juan Ortiz” already in my database.

I guess that what I need is to be able to do a “non accent sensitive” search of texts in order find all existing names that are equal to the user’s input (ignoring any accents).

I wonder if this is possible in Bubble

Any body knows?

Hi there, @pachocastillosr… just a thought here (and maybe not a good one), but maybe you could have a separate field where you store a normalized version of each name. I’m thinking some combination of a plugin like this one and maybe lowercasing all of the characters would produce a “clean” name to which you could compare newly-entered names. You would have to run a newly-entered name through the plugin and lowercase it in order to do the comparison to the clean names that are stored in your database, but it seems like it could all come together to produce a potential solution.

Hope this helps.



Great suggestion! Actually there is a list of all accents items :sweat_smile: which can be used in my suggestion above. By the way your option sound faster then mine one :wink:

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Great workaround Mike! Thanks!

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