Make API calls work for app users?

Hi !

I connected my Bubble app to my accounting sofware (Bexio) with the api connector. Authentication is made with oAuth User-Agent Flow.

I have a simple call to create a contact in bexio when a user signs up in my bubble app.

When I manually run a test call while I am logged it works (because I have authenticated with Bexio)

But how can I let other users run the call ? Right now when a new user signs up the call doesn’t work because there is an authentication error.

Any idea how to fix this ?

Thank you !

You cannot use user-agent flow auth if you want to use our own account for all users.
Solutions a) Check for another authentication path available (client credentials, apikey,JWT,…)
b) Manually auth using authorization code flow (like user-agent) [Showcase] Manual OAuth2 Token Integration

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