API Connector - OAuth User-Agent flow initiation

I’m trying to connect an API using OAuth2 User-Agent flow (QuickBooks API actually).
I believe I’ve set everything right, but when I try to initialize a call, I get the following error:

There was an issue setting up your call.

Raw response for the API
Status code 401

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> message=AuthenticationFailed; errorCode=003200; statusCode=401

I’ve tried connecting outside Bubble (through Python) and it works fine. Could this issue be related to the initiation of the API in Bubble, or in other words to the Bubble message below ?


You haven’t tested this API in run mode and authenticated with QBAPI Test yet. You need to do this first to setup calls and to test the URLs and keys.

To do this, setup a login workflow, run your app in run mode (with debug_mode=true in the URL) and authenticate with the service. Once done, your access token will be used to initate the API calls and the API will be marked as valid.

IMPORTANT: make sure not to have a change page action in the workflow you use to authenticate while testing.

I did what was asked in the warning, and I don’t know what to do next.

Could anybody that had the same experience please share it ? Also, if you have links to other related topics or tutorials that could help, please let me know.


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