Make changes to a list of things when Webhook requested Data comes in

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I am struggeling to get following scenario working:

I was setting up a webhook to shopify to inform my app when an order ist fulfilled. The wwebhook is tested, data is coming in.
The goal is quite simple:

  • Each Order can contain one or more products.
  • Each product has a unique_id, the products are stored in shopify and also in my bubble app, the link is made with this unique_id.
  • Also each product has a fulfillment status, wich must be “fulfilled”.
  • In 99% cases an order will not contain more than 1 - 10 products.

I was triying for hours now to “make changes to a list of things”, in my case the products.
This is how i try it: (See Screenshot below)

The API Workflow for the webhook looks like this (i am using the “Shopify Custom Apps”-Plugin by @ZeroqodeSupport)

The action looks like this: i am searching for products where the Bubble-Product has the shopify_id = Request Data’s line_items product_id … therefore the same ID as the Shopify-Product wich was sold. (See Screenshot below)

i need some little help, i am totally stuck. I tried many diffrent ways, forth and back. Allways running in the same problem:

When i place an test-order in Shopify with only one product then it works. But somehow there’s a problem with the :each item’s product_id

From what i understand this expressions returns a list of Products from all my products i have wich have the same ID as one of the products from the Requested Data’s products… Or am i wrong?

The Requested Test Data looks as following (i deleted many lines as there are many i am not using)… but the things that i am referencing is there, just for showing purpose.


    "id": 820982911946154500,
    "fulfillment_status": "fulfilled",
    "line_items": [
            "fulfillment_service": "manual",
            "fulfillment_status": fulfilled,
            "product_id": 8200133751192,
            "fulfillment_service": "manual",
            "fulfillment_status": fulfilled,
            "product_id": 7608528653982,

Thanks for any help!!

Try changing “=” to “is in” in Search for Products search constraints.
Request Data’s line_items.each item’s product_id gets list of product ids. So you need to test for inclusion, not for equility.

hi and thanks!

Bt then wwhat at the end?


datatpyes are probably mismatch.
What type has shopfy_id in Product thing? And what type of product_id in request data?

Ok i’ll quickly read that in the shopify Doc.

Just a moment

No, that’s not about shopify… You have initialized your endpoint, see its datatype here:

Shopy sends you a number in product_id. If your shopify_id is a number, then change product_id’s type to number.

Ahaaa… most likely you’re right. Sure you’re right. In Request data it’s a number. In bubble it’s a text.

Just a moment i’ll change that

Yuuuuhuuuuii!! Man i was going crazy… Thank you very very much!

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