Make changes to a thing - clear list does not work

Hello! I’m trying to implement a workflow into my app that clears a list of individual dates. However, when the workflow runs through it does not delete the entries in the list. It seems like this is a bug from bubble’s side. As you can see the other things to be changed like host approval status runs through correctly.
Did anyone experience a similar problem?

Hi there, @48587… I am probably missing something here, but you are clearing a list field called Booking-dates-each-day, but that field is not shown in your screenshots. Are you sure you are clearing the right field?


Yeah… in the workflow it’s a different field from the one in your database screenshot…

Hello! just before making the screenshots I changed the names of the field to see if I can make it work with a different name (as i have a field named the same in another data type)
Before I was definitely referring to the right field.
I now deleted all according fields and set up the flow new. works now.

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