Fields Not Deleting In All My Bubble Apps

Hi guys,

Am I the only one who’s been experiencing fields and types not deleting or being renamed in the Bubble Workflow section after editing those data fields and types in the data section? I’ve noticed this happening on multiple applications for the past month and it’s been confusing me during development.

Would be great to bring this to Bubble’s attention if others in the community are also experiencing this issue


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Hi there, @253digital… I have noticed the same thing, and any time it happens, a refresh of the editor always takes care of it. In fact, it happens so often that any time I delete or rename anything, refreshing the editor is just a habit now. Should that be the case? Almost certainly not. But a simple refresh is definitely the way to go.


Yeah. We never had to refresh the page to get that to work. Maybe it helps speed things up though. I would rather refresh the page like that, once in a while, if it helps to speed up Bubble. Just my opinion. :blush:

I started noticing this too in all of my apps about one month ago.

We are aware of this issue, and are working on a fix


Thanks Emmanuel! :slight_smile:

Thanks Emmanuel!

Thanks for the tip Mike

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