Make Changes to a thing - Inventory Application

Hi Bubblers,
I am creating an inventory application that deducts data from the inventory when sales is made for different stores.

This is the flow.
I have a drop-down that picks it’s content (store-name) from the database.

I have a sales database with products and quantities sold.
I want when a quantity is enter and “sold” is clicked that the quantity in the sales database is reduced. That is if 25 cases is sold, it should deduct it from the inventory.

Please I my workflow.

I cannot seem to select the dropdown in the constraint dialogue.
I also dont know how to subtract the sales from the item in the database.

Please what can I do?

Thank you,

Hey @bosunjohnson,

You haven’t really said what data type is being used for your dropdown, so I’m going to assume you have a data type established called Store…if that’s not how you’ve setup your system, just let us know what you’ve done there.

This is what your dropdown might look like:

And here is your workflow to subtract the quantity field:

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Thanks for the prompt response @mebeingken.

For my dropdown, I am using data I got from the customer database to fill the dropdown

I cannot find the “Dropdown store’s value” in the constraint.

Where do I go from here?

Thanks again.

The data type for Distributor Name needs to exactly match your dropdown “Type of choices”. My hunch is that your Distributor name data type (not its name) is currently set to be text, but it should probably be Customer. You can alter that kind of stuff on the Data tab.

Yeah thanks. The distributor name data type is text. I will change it to customer and see how it works.

sorry to bother you. I am just begin to get a hang on the bubble stuff.

I just created another field as “distributor name” with data type customer.
It now limit the options available. Please find screenshot.

Give it a different name so you can ensure you are not selecting the old one. Also, there is a bug I’ve been noticing where all available options don’t always show up, so refresh the page to see if that helps.

Thanks but it seems I’m missing something.

Please find screenshot.


I’m jumping on a call with somebody, but if you post up screenshots of the relevant data types, I’m sure somebody will take it from here…otherwise, I’ll be back later.

Alright. Please find link to the app here.

Thanks again!


It is working for me, which makes me think the refresh idea I mentioned earlier should help:

You would just select Dropdown Sales man I believe.

Thanks a lot for the patience and help. This solved my problem.

I have never thought of using Customer or product as a data type. I never even knew it was possible.

Final question, how to I learn and use these type of data types(Users, Customer, Products) and when do I use it in my application. I may as well search for some tutorials on it.

I cannot enter any value in the “Name of distributor” field I have created in the database. It does not take any value I enter.