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Change a field on data base

Hi, I think Bubble is poweful tool but some times is very difficult to do a simple action. (at least is not very intuitive).

I am bulding an online store. I have 3 products with their correspondent stock. I want to update the stock field in data base substracting the quantity they add to their basket.

I really appreciate your help.


Hi Juan,

Without knowing your exact structure, you essentially want… “make a change to Thing (product): stock = this product’s stock - 1” in the same workflow as when you add to basket … Or maybe more logical to subtract when it has been purchased. You can also make the number to subtract by dynamic in case the user has multiple quantities of the same product.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Hi, I recently publish this:

I want to add a selected products to a data base (name, price and quantity). If the product is selected again I want to find that product and update quantity. I am trying to do this:

in order to not add a new product. Maybe you can help me.

Thanks in advance.