Make conditional statement: "If text is blank, change text to "N/A"

I’m using the plugin Link Preview to get metadata from an external URL. Some of the metadata doesn’t show up.

It’s pretty consistent, I’ve tested it 10+ times so I understand it’s not a loading error, but it must be something with the Link Preview plugin.

I’ve found a way around this problem, but it’s not working. I’d want a conditional statement to say If text is blank / empty, change text to "N/A" but it’s not working.

I’ve tried 3 different ways for the same problem but none of them are working… so now I’m here on the forums trying to figure out how to make it work.

How can I make a conditional statement If text is blank / empty, change text to "N/A"?

have you tried adding “:defaulting to N/A” in the main text content?

It worked! How would I be able to do it for the image?

I just use a static ‘blank image’ link stored in my files as default source and conditional source as the actual dynamic link.

This way the end user believes something showed up.

I set the static image and this is the conditional statement. But the conditional just rules out the static image so there is no longer a static image. What conditional statement do you have?

I am not using this plugin. Just trying to help.
I’d try using the condition - When Link Preview - Get Preview Image “is not empty” or “is loaded”? Hope it helps. If not, you can contact the plugin developer or I can take a look if you can send me an editor link via DM.

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