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Make Field Inaccessible from Data Page

Hey all, I was wondering how we could make a field uneditable in the Data page. Here’s the use case:

  • User selects a checkbox that is a yes/no
  • We save the response in the DB that user checked yes
  • I don’t want the site owner to be able to manually change/overwrite that data

How would we achieve this?

Use another app for “admin” and access data via API ?

Now there’s an interesting thought. I’ll check with the client to see if that’s acceptable. His main concern is if he’s asking someone a legally binding question, how does he prevent a human from going in there and mucking it up.

You could probably use some sort of mechanism that digitally signs the response with a thumbprint hash and store the response as a record in the database. there are two built in fields Created and Modified which are Date/Time fields. If they do not match then someone has been tampering, i.e. has edited the response after it was initially created and saved.