Make icon clickable only once

I am making an app that lets you create and upvote beauty tips. My heart icon adds to heart count with each click, but it looks like it can be clicked as many times as the user wants.
I am trying to make it clickable only once so that each user can only like one group cell once (a possibility to click on the clicked state again to “unlike” would be ideal).

Any ideas on how to change that in the workflow?

I did exactly this by having a list of “liked things” on the user, and using a conditional statement on the icon so that when the current icon’s thing is in the current user’s list…change the icon to a different colour and shape.


I´ve done pretty much the same as @NigelG but instead of creating a list of things to like on the user. I´ve created a list of users on the thing.
Probably pros and cons on both ways depending on how you want your app to flow.

I guess you´ve created a list of users to count the “heart clicks”?
Then you could just create the condition “If current user is in the “heart count list” this icon is not able to click”. And as well as @NigelG wrote add the condition “if current user is in the “heart count list” icon color is xxx”

To make it possible to unlike you can do that easy in at least two different ways.
Either you create a copy of the heart icon (with different color or just outline heart or what ever) and then you put the condition on them.
"If current user is in the “heart count list” this icon is visible…and on the other one “is not visible”.
Keep one with the workflow you have and on the “unlike” you create the workflow with “remove current user from list” instead of add.

Or you keep just one icon. Create the condition above with “if current user…change icon color” and instead of two icons you create two different workflows for the same icon adding the conditions to run the workflow “if the users is in the list…remove” and “if the user isn´t in the list…add”.

Hope this answers your question.


How do you type these exact lines? On the icon’s “conditional” or workflow? Thanks!

I figured it out :slight_smile:


Can someone show me pictures?

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