I want to create a like button

i created a like button and i want to click it and display the count of the likes but am having an issue on how to set a condition that when the current user likes a post in a repeating group he wont be able to click again instead am getting the condition across all the post

What i normally do for that, so they can’t like it more than once, is just add a list of users that liked the post to the post itself. Then if the user clicks “like” just add him to the list, if he is already on the list you can remove him when clicking on the same button. Does that make sense? :slight_smile:

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let me try this out

Wondering if you could also do the following.

  1. Set another field under the “User” called VOTED with a “yes/no” as the field type.
  2. Within the workflow of the vote button t hat you’ve already created, create an additional action to “make changes to a thing” and change the VOTED field of the current user who clicked the vote button from no to yes.
  3. Add the condition to the vote button workflow to run only if current User’s VOTED field = “no”.

That should work. But I’m not an expert. =]

Oh actually. I think the person above’s recommendation is better. I misread your post. Didn’t see that you were adding the like to the repeating group.

this is workable too thank you no problem